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Stagbar Antler Dog Chew

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Bar Code:  0609788129110
Brand:  Pure Pets

Stagbar for large and giant breed dogs and powerful chewers!
Chewing releases feel-good chemicals from the brain and keeps dogs happy busy and using up energy.

Stagbars last longer than any other dog chews on the market – longer than rawhide chews or compacted vegetable starch chews. They wear down slowly with the grinding action of the dog’s teeth and saliva into tasty morsels. Eventually the dry marrow is exposed as a lovely treat when the outside has been worn away. They are suitable for puppies who are teething.

Stagbars are safe won’t splinter or chip or cause blockages and they don’t contain nylon like some long lasting chews. They are not an ‘empty’ chew like rawhide and in fact contain important minerals.

They clean the dog’s teeth rather than bung them up like some dog chews and they’re great for dogs with sensitive tummies. Even dogs who are losing weight can enjoy Stagbars because they only contain a tiny amount of fat. Naturally they don’t contain additives or preservatives.

Stagbars are clean dog chews leaving no stain or mess on the carpet and they are also very low in odour – some say they have a very faint smell of fresh soil. They are effectively ‘raw’ and so retain all their goodness and safety.

Stagbar chews are sourced from 100% British wild deer – no imports. They come from a mixture of naturally shed antler from wild deer and from wild deer shot for venison from several regions in the UK.

Antler chews are sold individually. The product image demonstrates the natural variations in size. Classified by weight:

Large Size: Over 150g
Extra Large Size: Over 225g

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