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With the huge range of products available for dogs, it can be a bit daunting knowing what to go for. We often get calls and emails asking which products we recommend and what we use with our own dog.

On this page we pick out a few of the products we have used with Elvis (Newfoundland) and Geoff (Saint Bernard) and can thoroughly recommend.

Although we recommend the products below from our own experience, all dogs are different and can have varying requirements. If you would like us to recommend something to suit your dog's breed and personality, or have any questions about our products, please email us at

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Yumove Joint Support

Yumove Joint Support£17.85  -  £29.75

Developed specifically to support dog joint health

MD-10 Black Texture Shampoo

MD-10 Black Texture Shampoo£12.95  -  £19.95

Professional grade - for thick / textured black coats

MD-10 Herbal Texture Shampoo

MD-10 Herbal Texture Shampoo£13.95  -  £20.95

Professional grade dog shampoo for thick / textured coats

MD-10 Volume Conditioner

MD-10 Volume Conditioner£23.95  -  £35.95

Fantastic results on thick coats

Groomers Undercoat Rake

Groomers Undercoat Rake£7.85

Thins coats of thick and double-coated breeds and tackles knots

Mikki Anti Tangle Undercoat Rake for Thick Coats

Mikki Anti Tangle Undercoat Rake for Thick Coats£14.45

Removes fluffy undercoat leaving healthy top coat.

Mikki Slicker Brush

Mikki Slicker Brush£13.95

Perfect for everyday grooming and finishing.

Oster Premium De-Shedder

Oster Premium De-Shedder£33.32   £31.95

Strips loose undercoat and reduces shedding

Oster Premium Dog Shears

Oster Premium Dog Shears£9.95

Top quality scissors for trimming your dog's fur

Oster Premium Wire Pin Brush

Oster Premium Wire Pin Brush£18.95

Removes matting and dead coat

Snugglesafe Big Dog's Towel

Snugglesafe Big Dog's Towel£12.45

Large Super Absorbent Micro Fibre Towel

Big Dog World Half-Check Chain Collar

Big Dog World Half-Check Chain Collar£14.95  -  £17.95

Top quality handmade leather half-check collars

Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone

Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone£16.95  -  £21.95

Bouncing toy with replaceable treat rings

Fluff and Tuff Big Daddy Gator

Fluff and Tuff Big Daddy Gator£33.85

Extra durable giant toy with concealed stitching

Fluff and Tuff Edsel Elephant

Fluff and Tuff Edsel Elephant£24.85

Extra durable soft toy with concealed stitching

Kong Aqua (large)

Kong Aqua (large)£9.95

Floating fun on a rope!

Kong Bounzer

Kong Bounzer£12.95  -  £19.95

Large dog toy which compresses when grabbed by the dog.

Kong Extreme Ball - med/large

Kong Extreme Ball - med/large£10.95

Made from Kong's legendary tough natural rubber.

Kong Extreme Black

Kong Extreme Black£10.85  -  £18.85

Great for super chewers!

Kong Extreme Flyer

Kong Extreme Flyer£10.49

Stands up to the rigorous demands of even the most enthusiastic dog!

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