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Orijen dog foodOrijen dog food is produced in Alberta Canada by Champion Petfoods, a family-owned and operated dog food producer with a 25 year tradition of quality. Their mission is simple: to produce Biologically Appropriate Pet Foods from fresh regional ingredients. Orijen is a prime example of these high standards.

Biologically Appropriate diets such as this have key differences that separate them from conventional dog foods:

1) High-protein from fresh and various meats
2) Low carbohydrate and Grain FREE
3) Fruits and vegetables instead of grain
4) Fats from meat and fish, not plants
5) Health promoting botanicals
6) Balance without excess

Orijen recognise that dogs' requirements vary and produce a range of foods to suit every need, from Orijen Puppy and Large Breed Puppy for puppies and junior dogs, to Adult, 6 Fish and Regional Red for adult dogs, to Orijen Senior for mature dogs.

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Orijen 6 Fish 11.4Kg

Orijen 6 Fish 11.4Kg£90.99   £86.44

Orijen Whole Prey. Improved formula with 85% fresh fish. Free delivery.

Orijen Adult 11.4Kg

Orijen Adult 11.4Kg£76.99   £72.99


Orijen Whole Prey Adult dog food. Improved formula. Free delivery.

Orijen Puppy 11.4Kg

Orijen Puppy 11.4Kg£78.99   £74.99

Orijen Whole Prey Puppy Food. Ultra-premium grain-free diet.

Orijen Puppy Large Breed 11.4Kg

Orijen Puppy Large Breed 11.4Kg£78.99   £74.99

Orijen Whole Prey Large Breed Puppy Food. Free delivery.

Orijen Regional Red 11.4Kg

Orijen Regional Red 11.4Kg£98.99   £95.04


Orijen Whole Prey Regional Red - ultra premium dog food. Free delivery.

Orijen Senior 11.4Kg

Orijen Senior 11.4Kg£77.99   £73.99

Orijen Whole Prey Senior dog food. Free delivery.


Page 1 of 1:    6 Items