Natural Dog Chews

Chewing is an excellent way to keep your dog's brain stimulated and relieve boredom. It also helps keep their teeth clean. Our range of natural dog chews will satisfy even powerful chewers.

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Pigs Tails - Pack of 10

Pigs Tails - Pack of 10£7.95

Air dried pig tails. Healthy natural dog chew.

Rabbit Ears With Hair

Rabbit Ears With Hair£5.95

Clean odourless natural treat.

Veni-Dog Antler Chew

Veni-Dog Antler Chew£8.95

Natural tough antler chew

Veni-dog Pheasant Chew Sticks

Veni-dog Pheasant Chew Sticks£3.95

100% natural air-dried chew sticks made from UK pheasant breast fillets

Veni-dog Venison Marrow Bones

Veni-dog Venison Marrow Bones£5.95

Natural marrow bone chews from Scottish red deer.

Venison Ears

Venison Ears£7.95

Hypoallergenic venison ears.

Yakers Extra Large Dog Chew

Yakers Extra Large Dog Chew£14.99   £13.95

100% natural dog chews made with Himalayan Yak Milk

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Page 2 of 2:    29 Items