Natural Dog Chews

Chewing is an excellent way to keep your dog's brain stimulated and relieve boredom. It also helps keep their teeth clean. Our range of natural dog chews will satisfy even powerful chewers.

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Bulls Pizzles - long

Bulls Pizzles - long£2.85  -  £24.85

Large Pure Ham Bone

Large Pure Ham Bone£2.85

100% natural ham bone - a fantastic natural chew for large dogs.

Tripe Pressed Bone

Tripe Pressed Bone£2.95  -  £3.95

8-in-1 Delights Bone

8-in-1 Delights Bone£4.49

Tasty rawhide chew with real chicken.

Antos Antler Chew XL

Antos Antler Chew XL£16.95

Tough natural antler dog chew

Antos Cerea Toothbrush XL

Antos Cerea Toothbrush XL£3.35

Healthy natural dental chew

Buffalo Horn

Buffalo Horn£6.95  -  £9.95

Bulls Pizzles - 50 pack

Bulls Pizzles - 50 pack£37.50   £35.95

Tough natural healthy dog chews

Cows Ears - Extra Large

Cows Ears - Extra Large£16.95

Natural healthy dog chew. XL Cow Ears.

Duck Necks - 500g pack

Duck Necks - 500g pack£7.95

100% natural duck neck chews.

Goose Necks

Goose Necks£9.95

100% natural goose neck chews.

Hollings Bull Pizzles - pack of 10

Hollings Bull Pizzles - pack of 10£10.95

Tough natural healthy dog chews

Hollings Cows Ears

Hollings Cows Ears£7.95  -  £25.95

100% natural dog chews. Packs of 3, 10 or box of 50.

Hollings Natural White Rawhide Knot

Hollings Natural White Rawhide Knot£5.45

High quality thick rawhide bone.

Hollings Paddywack 200g

Hollings Paddywack 200g£2.85

Quality natural air dried treats for dogs.

Hollings Smoked Shank Bone

Hollings Smoked Shank Bone£2.95

Natural filled bone.

Hollings Supergiant Meaty Sausages

Hollings Supergiant Meaty Sausages£3.95

These tasty meaty sausages from Hollings are all 100% natural and grain free.

Hollings Supergiant Pork Roll

Hollings Supergiant Pork Roll£2.49

Contain no additives or preservatives

Hollings Tripe Sticks 500g

Hollings Tripe Sticks 500g£8.95

100% natural treats for dogs

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Page 1 of 2:    32 Items