Dog training products for puppies (or dogs with behavioural issues). Training leads, clickers, whistles, training collars and lots of other useful products to help train your puppy.

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Ancol Dog Whistle

Ancol Dog Whistle£3.95

Silent whistle sound can be adjusted

Ancol Heritage Leather and Chain Check Collar

Ancol Heritage Leather and Chain Check Collar£13.95

For training larger breeds

Ancol Traditional Dog Whistle

Ancol Traditional Dog Whistle£3.95

Constant frequency dog whistle

Beaphar Gentle Leader

Beaphar Gentle Leader£9.95

World's Best Selling Headcollar - Stops Your Dog Pulling

Big Dog World Half-Check Chain Collar

Big Dog World Half-Check Chain Collar£14.95  -  £17.95

Top quality handmade leather half-check collars

Bob Martin Puppy Chew Stop

Bob Martin Puppy Chew Stop£3.69

Deters your puppy from chewing furniture

Buster Half Check Collar - Large

Buster Half Check Collar - Large£6.95

Large reflective half check collar

Canny Collar (Black)

Canny Collar (Black)£19.35  -  £24.95

Used by the RSPCA and Association of Guide Dogs for the Blind

Clix Clicker Trainer

Clix Clicker Trainer£4.15

Multi-clicker with volume and tone control

Clix Hands Free (Large)

Clix Hands Free (Large)£11.95

Leaves your hands free for phones keys and treats

Clix Pro Treat Bag

Clix Pro Treat Bag£13.95

Multi-function with sealed pocket and front pouch

Clix Training Line

Clix Training Line£11.95  -  £14.95

Specifically designed to aid with recall training

Clix Whizz Click

Clix Whizz Click£5.89

Combines a Clicker and a Whistle

Company of animals Non-pull harness - large

Company of animals Non-pull harness - large£16.45

Very easy to use and simple to fit

Company of Animals Ultra Muzzle

Company of Animals Ultra Muzzle£16.49  -  £19.95

The Ultimate muzzle - soft and safe

Ezydog Check Mate Collar

Ezydog Check Mate Collar£13.95  -  £14.95


Martingale-style correction collar

Halti Headcollar (padded)

Halti Headcollar (padded)£12.95

Stops dogs pulling on the lead - kindly.

Petsafe Anti Bark Spray Collar

Petsafe Anti Bark Spray Collar£47.99   £42.95

Bark activated the collar releases a harmless citronella spray

Rosewood Dog Agility Slalom Poles

Rosewood Dog Agility Slalom Poles£24.95

Slalom poles for agility training

Rosewood Flyball Kit

Rosewood Flyball Kit£33.95

Lightweight folding flyball kit

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