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Buy the best dog shampoos and conditioners at great prices.

Big Dog World is proud to be the exclusive UK online retailer of MD-10 professional dog shampoos.

MD10 Shampoos are used by professional groomers, recognised breeders and pet owners across Europe. New to the UK, the shampoos are tailored for different types of coat to achieve amazing results.

Also available are dog shampoos and condioners from Pet Head, Groomers, Precious Pets and Wahl.

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MD-10 White Texture Shampoo

MD-10 White Texture Shampoo£12.95  -  £19.95

Professional grade - for mainly white textured coats

MD-10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo

MD-10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo£12.95  -  £19.95

Professional grade for Yorkshire Terriers

Nilaqua Waterless Flea and Tick Shampoo

Nilaqua Waterless Flea and Tick Shampoo£4.95  -  £9.95


Waterless shampoo with natural flea and tick repellant

Nilaqua Waterless Pet Shampoo

Nilaqua Waterless Pet Shampoo£4.45  -  £8.95

Waterless shampoo for cleaning muddy dogs

Pet Head BFF Detangling Spray

Pet Head BFF Detangling Spray£9.95

Pet Head Furball - detangle spray for dogs

Pet Head Dry Clean

Pet Head Dry Clean£9.95

Pet Head Dry Shampoo - cleans without water

Pet Head Furtastic Creme Rinse

Pet Head Furtastic Creme Rinse£14.95   £7.95

Pet Head Furtastic cream rinse conditioner

Pet Head Poof Magical

Pet Head Poof Magical£9.95

Amazing spray neutralises odours on contact

Precious Pets Citrus Sunshine Shampoo 200ml

Precious Pets Citrus Sunshine Shampoo 200ml£14.99   £7.95

Natural cleansing dog shampoo.

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