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Company of Animals Ultra Muzzle

Company of Animals Ultra Muzzle
 Company of Animals Ultra MuzzleCompany of Animals Ultra Muzzle 
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Bar Code:  00886284614207
Brand:  Company of Animals

Baskerville Ultra is the ultimate muzzle.

Every aspect of the muzzle's design has been created to combine maximum safety with comfort for the dog.

The material is extremely tough and durable yet soft to touch.

The ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures the muzzle will always remain securely in place and features two additional points of secure attachment.

The loop at the bottom attaches to your dog's collar and an optional overhead safety strap ensures your dog can not get the muzzle off.

The Ultra Muzzle also has a secure metal buckle with pre-holed webbing to ensure it is quick and easy to fit. Neoprene padding ensures it is snug and comfortable.

The dog can pant, drink and even be fed through this revolutionary muzzle.

Size Guide:
Afghan Hound 5

Airedale 5

Alaskan Malamute 5

American Staffordshire 6

Basset Hound 5

Belgian Shepherd 5

Bernese Mountain Dog 5

Borzoi 5

Bouvier 6

Boxer 6

Briard 5

Brittany Spaniel 5

Bull Mastiff 6

Bull Terrier 5

Chow Chow 5

Chesapeake Bay Retriever 5

Dalmatian 4

Dobermann 5

Elkhound 4

English Setter 5

Flat Coated Retriever 5

Foxhound 5

German Shepherd 5

Golden Retriever 5

Gordon Setter 5

Great Dane 6

Greyhound 5

Irish Setter 5

Irish Wolfhound 6

Japanese Akita 6

Labrador Retriever 5

Lurcher 5

Maremma Sheepdog 5

Mastiff 6

Munsterlander 5

Newfoundland 6

Old English Sheepdog 5

Pharaoh Hound 5

Pit Bull 6

Pyrenean Mountain Dog 6

Ridgeback 5

Rottweiler 6

Schnauzer Giant 6

Siberian Husky 5

Staff Bull Terrier 6

Weimaraner 5

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