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Burns dog foodBurns dog food is a high quality holistic food developed by John Burns, a vetinary surgeon.

It was developed from his home made recipe, which he produced because he was concerned about the quality of ingredients being used in many commercial foods. All Burns dog food is hypoallergenic and contains no artificial preservatives, colorings or flavourings.

A family-run company, Burns support many dog charities and voluntary organistions and tries to minimise its impact on the environment. Burns produce a range of dog foods to cater for all requirements. They are simple foods made from high quality ingredients that allow the dog's body to function naturally and maintain itself.

Burns dog food are made with whole grains and highly digestible ingredients, all locally sourced from around their farm in South Wales. Varieties include specially formulated diets for active dogs, working dogs and overweight dogs.

Big Dog World is proud to be a Burns stockist, available with free delivery for orders over £45.