Keeping your puppy happy and healthy

Tuesday, 27 February 2018  |  Neil

Getting a puppy can be hugely rewarding, but they can also be hard work. Some can be little angels, but others can chew, bark, wee and nip until you're wondering why you put yourself through this!

Here we highlight some products which can help keep your puppy stimulated and healthy.


Many dog toys just aren't tough enough to go the distance. We specialise in top quality tough dog toys that are built to last. Toys can help keep puppies entertained and help with brain development, as well as strengthening the bond between you and your puppy.

Zogoflex are one of the only brands that actually guarantees their toys will last. If your dog destroys the toy, we will give you a free one-time replacement or refund. We have sold hundreds of these toys and only had a handful of reported damages, and all of these customers asked for a replacement rather than refund as their dogs loved the toys so much.

Orbee make some of the world's most highly regarded dog toys. Their Orbee-Tuff Ball has received many awards including "World's Best Dog Ball". They are very well constructed and super strong - we love them!

ZogoflexOrbee dog toys



A good chew can help keep your puppy's teeth healthy, and keep them from chewing things you'd rather they didn't!

Yakers chews are new to the UK. They are made from compressed Himalyan Yak's milk. Dogs love them and they help to keep teeth free of plaque. Tough and long-lasting but softer on teeth and gums than horns and antlers.

Buffalo Horns are one of the longest lasting chews we have found.They are completely natural and contain almost no fat. These are excellent for really strong or determined chewers.

Bull Pizzles and Goose Necks are completely natural chews which last longer than most. Softer than Yakers and Horns so more suitable for younger or smaller puppies.




What you feed your puppy can have a big impact on their health and how they behave. A top quality diet with balanced nutrition and natural ingredients can be hugely beneficial. Some foods contain artificial additives like flavourings, colours and preservatives, or poor quality protein sources.

We recommend feeding a complete puppy food with high quality proteins like the ones below to keep your puppy in top condition.


dogs dinnerorijen

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