James Wellbeloved Dog Food

Tuesday, 15 January 2019  |  Neil

James Wellbeloved Dog Food

James Wellbeloved logoBased in rural Somerset, James Wellbeloved produce a range of natural nutritious complete foods for all sizes and breeds of dog. Started in 1992, the company is now one of the UK's leading producers of super premium foods.

Every ingredient in every food is clearly labelled, and they carry out 6000 rigorous quality checks every week to ensure the quality of every batch. Their handy food finder helps you select the right food for your dog.

The recipes use simple ingredients and are naturally hypoallergenic. They contain no beef, pork, soya, dairy, eggs, wheat, fillers or artificial additives. James Wellbeloved foods promote healthy skin, a glossy coat, a supported immune system and good digestion. The large breed dog food also contains higher nutrient density, larger kibble size and joint health supplements.

The primary ingredients and their benefits are:

  • James Wellbeloved Lamb and RiceTURKEY, LAMB AND DUCK MEAL
    Highly digestible dried animal proteins that also supply essential minerals.
  • FISH
    Fish meal is a natural source of high quality protein and fish oil, rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
  • RICE
    Brown & white rice, a highly digestible carbohydrate source believed to be gentle on the stomach.
  • PEAS
    Peas contain protein and carbohydrate making them a good alternative to cereals.
    Tomato flesh and skin provide energy, natural pectins and the antioxidant lycopene.
    A natural deodoriser to help reduce stool odours.
    Rich in iodine and other trace elements, plus natural gums with prebiotic activity.
    A concentrated source of the natural organic acids and anthocyanidins found in cranberry juice.
    Rich in omega fatty acids and helps to promote a soft and glossy coat.
    Rich in inulin which helps to maintain a healthy gut flora.
    A great source of non-meat protein. Balances the amino acids in the meat/fish proteins.
  • OATS
    Naked oats provide starch, a natural source of slow-release energy to keep you going.
    A root vegetable with deep-rooted health benefits. Full of fibre to help digestion, as well as the antioxidant beta-carotene.
    The ultimate herbal remedy. Rosemary extract contains natural antioxidants that keep us healthy and feeling younger.

James Wellbeloved put a lot of love into creating recipes your pets will love. Using only simple ingredients, the food has all the goodness they need and nothing they don’t. You can be sure they’re enjoying a balanced diet - one that not only tastes good, but does them a world of good too.

See the full range including large breed, junior, adult, senior and grain-free at Big Dog World.