Barking Heads Dog Food Mega Sale!

Saturday, 2 April 2022  |  Neil

Barking Heads Chicken 12KgHuge discounts on Barking Heads - sale on now! We have up to 25% off the fantastic range of Barking Heads dog food. 12Kg bags from only £50.85 and 18Kg bags from only £71.85.

Barking Heads believe to create the very best dog food, you can only use the best ingredients and bundles of them! They do not add any flavour enhancers, colourings, chemical additives, preservatives or use any GM products.

Barking Heads dog foods have a high meat content - up to 52% meat - are made in Britain, and do not contain any maize. Their foods are guaranteed to contain nothing but high-quality meat and fish, with added vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients that are great for your dog's health (like added vitamins and minerals).

Top quality proteins like free-range chicken, lamb, beef and salmon ensure the bowl is licked clean every time. Our own dogs love Barking Heads and it keeps them in great condition - we highly recommend these foods.

Buy Barking Heads online with free delivery when you spend over £50.