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Acana dog foodAcana dog food is an extremely high quality complete food for dogs. Made with all fresh regional ingredients, it contains only the best natural products from Canada.

High in protein, Acana dog food is easy to digest and perfect for dogs with sensitive digestions. With ingredients such as free-range chicken and lamb, fresh salmon and herring and wild bison, there are very few foods that can match the natural quality of Acana dog food.

The grain-free range includes Acana Wild Prairie (with free range chicken, whitefish and eggs), Acana Pacifica (with wild-caught salmon, flounder and herring) and Grasslands (with free-range lamb, duck, whitefish and eggs).

Also now available are Acana Chicken and Burbank Potato, Lamb and Okanagan Apple, Classic Red, Prairie Poultry, Yorkshire Pork and the new Acana Large Breed and Large Breed Puppy foods.

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Acana Adult 11.4Kg

Acana Adult 11.4Kg£61.99   £58.27

With free-range chicken and wild flounder

Acana Classic Red 11.4Kg

Acana Classic Red 11.4Kg£53.95

With free-range lamb, Angus beef and Yorkshire pork

Acana Grass Fed Lamb 11.4Kg

Acana Grass Fed Lamb 11.4Kg£76.99   £72.35

With ranch-raised lamb and fresh apples

Acana Grasslands dog food 11.4Kg

Acana Grasslands dog food 11.4Kg£81.99   £76.99

Grain-free with ranch lamb, eggs and white fish

Acana Large Breed Adult 11.4Kg

Acana Large Breed Adult 11.4Kg£62.99   £59.21

Acana for large breed dogs

Acana Large Breed Puppy 11.4Kg

Acana Large Breed Puppy 11.4Kg£65.99   £61.99

Acana for large breed puppies

Acana Light and Fit 11.4Kg

Acana Light and Fit 11.4Kg£61.99   £58.27

Top quality food for overweight dogs

Acana Pacifica dog food 11.4Kg

Acana Pacifica dog food 11.4Kg£75.99   £71.43

Grain-free with wild flounder, herring, cod and pilchard.

Acana Prairie Poultry 11.4Kg

Acana Prairie Poultry 11.4Kg£48.95

With free-range chicken, turkey and lentils

Acana Prairie Poultry 17Kg

Acana Prairie Poultry 17Kg£69.95

With free-range chicken, turkey and lentils

Acana Puppy 11.4Kg

Acana Puppy 11.4Kg£61.99   £58.27

Top quality food for puppies

Acana Ranchlands 11.4Kg

Acana Ranchlands 11.4Kg£84.99   £79.89

With fresh beef, bison and lamb

Acana Senior 11.4Kg

Acana Senior 11.4Kg£61.99   £58.27

Acana for senior dogs

Acana Wild Coast 11.4Kg

Acana Wild Coast 11.4Kg£56.95

Packed with Pacific herring, Arrowtooth flounder and Pacific hake

Acana Wild Prairie dog food 11.4Kg

Acana Wild Prairie dog food 11.4Kg£68.99   £64.85

Grain-free with fresh chicken, eggs and whitefish

Acana Yorkshire Pork 11.4Kg

Acana Yorkshire Pork 11.4Kg£73.99   £69.55

With fresh Yorkshire pork, squash and pumpkin.

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